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I am not going to get into this too deep but I will make a few suggestions. I would devide the scoped rifle shooters, leveraction people and the auto rifle people by age and fisical condition. I would also devide the vets the same way. I would arm as many vets from the gun stores, private donations etc as possible. Then after using the planes to determine location and course of the enemy I would send out 20 to 30 man wolf packs of the most physically able people I had and set up under cover at numerous locations out of town with orders to shoot and fall back to the river. some wolf packs would be sent out father than others. The remaining people that could not move or march as far would set up resistance on the town side of the river. The shotgun people would be held in reserve in case the lines got broken and the enemy made it to the town. The wolf packs would not plan on crossing the river when they fell back they would flank the enemy on both sides of the road. Boats could be positions up river and down river a ways away to retreve the wolf packs later if all lines get broken and the town got invaded. Dinamite charges could be set up in the ditches of the road on the other side of bridge opposite the town, if it was possible to detinate them remotely by either the wolf packs or the resistance on town side of river. The enemy would probably take cover in the ditches there if they even made it that far, at which time the charges could be detinated. If the hunter wolf pack groups can make good use of cover and camo and can make one shot kills out to 200yds anyway, I don't believe the enemy would ever make it into town in 24 hours time. Don't open fire at 500yds on out as very few people would make hits at that range. You would give away your position and waste precious ammo. If you were lucky you might put together one wolf pack that could make hits at 300 to 400yds if you were selective and knew your people well enough to evaluate them. Then send this wolf pack out to engage the enemy first. There are lots of things that did not get adressed here but I am not going to spend anymore time on this.
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