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Anyone and everyone in the Keystone State and its border States are welcome. It Shall be held again at just outside of Quakertown PA.
Its only going to Cost you $15 to shoot all day at the Pistol and Rifle ranges.

This time I would like put an emphasis on bringing Military style rifles and Pistols. From Black Powder to 50BMG. After the shoot hopefully we all will have tried out guns that we have never shot before. As always this will be a proving ground to disprove all the bogus statements on certain firearms. I'm also going to test out the Sporting Clays with ya this time Geoff .

You have almost two months to make plans for this trip and we need a few "Repeat" Members. This is a great place to hang out and chat and a very relaxed environment for shooting. Pistol Range is 7-50yds, Rifle is 100-500yds and there is a Sporting Clays range. Bring Enough Ammo so everyone can shoot. I'll be bringing a ton of .308 for my FAL.
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