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Thanks for all the offers, guys...

Sam, I don't think we want each other as neighbors.

Carlyle, there's a reason why J. Edgar Hoover used assignment to the Louisiana field offices as a way of exiling and punishing FBI agents who had displeased him.


Possibly the easiest way to slug a revolver is to use a hollow-base wadcutter, load a squib round (no more than a grain or so of a fast burning powder, and shoot it into something that will catch the bullet without deforming it.

Mike Venturino, a writer for Buns & Whammo (and one of the few for whom I have professional respect), came up with that idea. I've done it, and it works GREAT.

You'll want to have a dowell rod and hammer on hand, though, as it's very easy to get a bullet stuck and have to drive it out. If that happens, just add a little bit more powder and try again.

Now, the only problem is, I don't know if anyone makes hollowbase wadcutters for .44 caliber anymore.

In that case, the next easiest thing to do would be to find someone with a muzzleloader, and finagle a couple of lead roundballs from them.


You run the serious risk of getting a jacketed bullet stuck in the bore, and it is extremely hard to get them out again.
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