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Nominal groove diameter for 45 LC varies. Pre WWII ones normally have a grove diameter of .454, while post-war models usually run .451. Most bullets for late guns run .452 for jacketed and .454 for cast. .452 cast seems to work well though.

Nominal groove diameter of .45 ACP is .450 - .453. Most .45ACP bullets run .451 for jacketed and .452 for cast.

For light loads in each should be no problem usin each others bullets...............BUT, as always, for warm to hot loads the bore should be slugged and bullets chosen accordingly. A lot of variations from the norm in the actual sizes of both of those guns.

At worst, usin .45 ACP bullets in the LC could be a little loose, other way around could get you pressure problems. LC case sizer may not make the mouth small enough to get good tension on .451 bullets. I have a fix for that but not in public.

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