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I'm with Jeff on this one. Drop a span of that bridge and get the AR, AK, and lever-action guys on that bank under some cover and have a turkey shoot.

Send some of the AR, AK, FAL, and scoped guys on both sides of the road and get them into a crossfire either coming at you or from behind as they march ahead of their positions.

I'd get the boats out of there. All they are are targets. Unless you have a gunboat nestled in there somewhere.

I don't know a company from a regiment.
I was never in the Army. I was Air Force and was trying to figure out a way to use those AC in other than a recce platform. Especially the two 'dusters. Poison chemicals maybe? Probably get they're asses shot off with the RPG's trying to get in that close. After they've expended them, who knows. I do know that a light AC won't take much rifle fire before coming down. Fast and low maybe with the 'dusters.
A 400HP Aircat will really move. Hose 'em down with teargas, OC or anything lethal while the guys on the road sides, are crossfiring them. Read...Ambush.

You might be able to drop a handful of the scoped bolt-action guys behind their formation. Start picking off the seniors one at a time.

Get those 500 men armed! Gun stores in the area have ammo, get them some guns to go with it!

I would station some of the men with shotguns and handguns in strategic spots thoughout the city such as power and water facilities as well as communication centers. Wouldn't hurt to have some AR, AK, FAL, guys there too.

How'd I do?

Some of you Army field officers want to help out here?
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