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Blow the bridge. When they finaly get to the other side if they do at all then:

First of forget about the planes. 2,500 troops would file the plane full of .223s. Although it would be nice to be able to drop dynomite it would work for long.

The people with han guns and shot guns need to take up short range defensive positons. But these people have to be mobile. If they stay in one spot all it will take is a couple of gernades to kill a ton of friendlys.

With dynamite one would need to be able to boobytrap a large area and be able to set it off remotely as soons as the enemy is in position.

Once the dynamite is set up (make the noncombatens do this) get the non-comatents out of town tell them to use some of the cars just get them out. The rest of the cars would be best used( I think for quick hit and runs inside the town. Put people with shotguns in the cars and put as much armor on the car as possible. take about 25-50 rifle shooters and place them inside the town at stertegic position where each sniper could defend each other.

For the rest of the shotgun and pistol people put them in the buildings to help protect the nipers and kill any enemy that tries to enter the building for protection from the snipers.

take about 250 scoped rifles and 100 ar shooters cut the groups in half and place them towards the northeast and southeast, assuming the eneym is coming from the east. keep them out as fars as they will have the enemy come inbetween the north and south groups but not so far that they could not close up and engagde the enemy in a timely manner.

Once the emeny has come between the north and south groups set of some dynomite and come within range so the enemy is in a crossfire. The AR-15 shooters would be better covering the back side so the enemy would npot suprise the north and south groups if they manage to out flank our good guys.

Keep setting of more and more dynamite as the enemy as they get closer. Hopeful everythin has gone good and the enemy general is an idiot because I am sure there is a way to destroy any of our plans.

Once the enemy has entered the town have everyone close in on the town. Kill any enemy with an rpg first and then any officers if identifiable.

I think this plan is a crap shoot but I don't know much about convential tactics except if you don't have conventional weapons you don't fight a conventional war.

BTW I am do not know anything about these types of tactics I just though it would be fun to respond to this post.

You may now tear my plan apart.

Or could you just load up a large strip of freeway and destroy as soon as their on top of it. thenmop up thye rest wit ar and scoped rifles.
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