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How long does it take to bust a solid core door, the solid core usually isn't anything very strong unless you special order it, with nothing but your empty hands or feet? My boss at one of my jobs manages a lot of rental units. He has opened many dead bolted doors by basically "bumping them," he isn't very strong he weighs around 220 though. Have worked with "ex" goblins that weighted about the same that were much in particular I am sure could punch thru any non metal door likely to be in a house.

Art: Many leases forbid any changes to house/apt, and your usually prohibited from changing the locks. Not saying you can't but that your breaking the law that way also, and that your doing so in a way that can end up with landlord or LEO's busting in with the law on their side. From a personal security standpoint renting sucks.

SamH: You said "Is the aggressor equipped to use deadly force? In the case of someone trying to kick down your bedroom door - you don't know! So don't shoot. Is the aggressor in a position to use deadly force? If he or she is behind your bedroom door, probably not. So don't shoot. Is the aggressor demonstrating intent to use deadly force? He or she is acting violently. If you feel that this is enough indication of his or her intent to use deadly force, I'll leave the decision up to the reader. "

I would say if they can break the door down they have demonstrated that they could seriously hurt or kill me.

Are they in a position to use deadly force? Depends how you look at it, my arguement would be similar to the one used against knife armed person at 7 yards [ie Tueller drill]. Except they are closer than in the Tueller drill and I was sound asleep but a moment ago, talk about being behind in the OODA loop.

I would feel whoever is breaking down a bedroom door has if not deadly intent the intent to do sever bodily harm to the people inside.

Does your opinion of this situation change if the person in the bedrooom is female? Or disabled/elderly?
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