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Checks (M.O.) in the mail...keep up the good work,and thanks for everything!!!!! And if you ever want me and my tactical Mini 14 posing in one your magazines,just let me know,ok?? Hey....i can see it now,me and my Mini 14 kickin down a door,CZ 75B swingin from my side, rescuing a pretty lady from a big fat bad man.Maybe a 5-6 page layout as i kick him in his groin,,forget it..................Can't wait to see magazine !!! P.S. I got trigger happy and subscribed by phone. Joked with guy taking the order saying the thread on TFL said a one year subscription came with an offical S.W.A.T. teeshirt and cap!!!He about [email protected] would definitly be interested in a S.W.A.T. teeshirt and/or cap...(hint-hint). In Black!!!!
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