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Which way does the door open (I assume it opens to the inside of the room that needs assaulting)?

Which door frame has the door hinges? (I assume the hinges are on the left side of the frame - looking at the door from "our" perspective)

IF my above assumptions are true:

Look under door to try and gain as much intel as possible. Lets say because of carpet, etc. nothing can be seen under the door.

I also assume that it is impossible to see through any windows. Do we know where the phone(s) is/are located?

Can we have someone engage the bad guy/guys on the phone to aid in a distraction of our intention?

OK the assault:

#1 busts open door and takes anything that is "center" and sweeps right. He continues right taking the right side of the room while heading for right lower corner. During staging, the handgun is held in right hand in "close - guard" position while left hand/arm aids in getting door open.

#2 holds his Glock down at 45 degrees, pointed slightly "out" or away from #1. Care must be taken to not "sweep" #1 while in doorway.

#2 "button-hooks" and goes left, taking everything from center to left as he heads to bottom left hand corner.


Once inside, two handed grip would be assumed if possible. (Sometimes it is not, for you are having to move stuff aside (chairs, lamps etc.) to continue the assault.)

Violence of Action, Speed and Surprise are on "our" side, and the action will be so quickly over, that having the light on is not that big of tactical liability.

Remember to check out C3S (corners, closets, ceilings and stairs) before anyone anounces "CLEAR!".

Hopefully we won (all bad guys unable to harm others, and all good guys unharmed)!


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