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The best way (tacticly) to enter a room with a handgun

here is the situation:

You need to enter a room with one other person. You don't have a flashbang or smoke.

You are armed with a handgun such as a sig, hk, or glock that has a lightattachment. the person with you has the same equipment.

There are anywhere from 1 to 4 people inside one. One of the persons is a non-hostile.

The hallway you are in is equally dark to the room you must enter. You can't look in the room because the door is closed. But you can see through the bottom of the door that there is equal light. The door can be easily opened buy a kick or a shoulder.

Tacticly what is the best way to enter, including stance, speed, position of firearm(at ready, or pointed at 45 degree angle towards ground).

When entering the room is it a better Idea to have the firearm light on or off? (if its on you're a better target)

If you and your partner decide one would cover right and the other would cover left would the person entering first engage a target that was on the left if his job was to cover right. I ask that question because if the person entering first would be covering left then right increasing the amount it would take to clear the room.

How would you guys enter.

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the * represent you and your partner. The open spot is a closed door.
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