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For what it's worth I add my two cents.
I'm currently building a house, and I never REALLY understood the entire building process before.
Here in North-Central Florida the homes are well insallated, and wood frame.
I always though their would be some brick and cinder involved (travel 100 miles South and almost all the new homes being built are cinder), this being said I look around my house and see that even if I were to shot a .38 from outside into the house, it would probably penetrate at least into the house.
Didn't exactly give me a "warm, fuzzy".
However when the house was still in the planning stage, along with the metal exterior doors I had them put me down for two solid-core doors: Master Bedroom and one Guest Bedroom.
There is a deadbolt on the MBR door which can only been seen from the inside.
To cut to the chase, if I heard MY bedroom door being bashed down, I'd hand the cellphone to my wife, grab my pistol and wait.
I've been through this particular drill before, the "intruders" will probably get a terse "I'm armed, the police are on the way..."
I know for a FACT that I would hold fire till I identified the target, granted that may give the intruder the chance to fire on me, or rush through the door with the other mall-ninja's.
The fact is there is NO pat answer, we've read the articles and know the drills. When you pull that trigger you are opening a Pandora's box, you won't know what happens until a minute afterwards.
1. You've either held off from shooting a drunk, and/or disorderly who is now very shaken.
2. You have a goblin at gunpoint.
3. You are now in a Mexican-Standoff with LEO's, or what LOOKS like LEO's.
Tough question, no pat answers.
Hate to say this but regardless of what the laws say, I don't trust my life, my wife's or anyone elses to them. I could be 100% in the right and still be fried in court or "light up" the bedroom and be completely exonerated.
The key is to have a "layered" defense.
1. Outdoor lights.
2. Loyal pet(s).
3. Security Alarm.
4. Solid interior/exterior doors and windows.
5. Solid plan of action (much like a fire-drill).


Sorry I took so long...

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity."
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