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Mike Irwin
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Good thought, Mal.

I've gotten two e-mail queries on this from people who haven't posted to the thread.

One was from a person who appears to be a relative newbie. I encouraged him to come out, and told him that he's more than welcome to try any of my guns.

So far, I'm thinking of bringing the following...

.22 Browning Buckmark

.38 Spl. S&W 042

.357 Mag. Model 19 or 28, 4"

.41 Mag. Model 58 4"

.45 ACP Model 1917 5.5"

.45 ACP Model 1911A1

9mm Kahr K9

I may bring a couple of others, as the mood strikes me, and I MAY bring the Marlin Camp Carbine I was talking about over on rifles. I've had it for a couple of years, and haven't shot it yet.

And crap, I need to get ammo!
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