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If I may make a suggestion....

The three questions to ask before using deadly force (ie. shooting the prick):

Is the aggressor equipped to use deadly force?
In the case of someone trying to kick down your bedroom door - you don't know! So don't shoot.

Is the aggressor in a position to use deadly force?
If he or she is behind your bedroom door, probably not. So don't shoot.

Is the aggressor demonstrating intent to use deadly force?
He or she is acting violently. If you feel that this is enough indication of his or her intent to use deadly force, I'll leave the decision up to the reader.

Those three questions are the bare minimum. If all three of the above questions had been 'yes', then I would shoot the idiot. Otherwise, no, since I wouldn't like to be locked up in a cubicle with a wretched murderer for company.

My 2 cents....
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