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MAK-90 ("Modified" AK 1990 ) These are china made rifles and are of VG quality. Normal configuration is the thumbhole stock and no bayo. Excellent shooters and sell for $300-$350 (Stamped) $400-up (Milled).

The Pre-Ban Norinco AK: China made in pistol grip configuration will cost $800-1100.

Polytech AKS: China made from arsenal 386. Best post-ban AK available. Thicker barrels w/ cooling ribs, super sweet trigger group, thickest (stamped) receiver and blue finish. $329-$399.

*The Pre-Ban version of this rifle will have the threaded barrel and bayo. $999-1200.00

SAR-1: Romanian AK with U.S trigger parts package. The 1999 rifles had some trigger and hammer problems but have been pretty much ironed out from 2000-on. Good reliable rifle with matching wood and average finish. $250-300.

SAR-2 : Same as above but chambered in 5.45x39
SAR-3 : Same as above but chambered in .223

WASR : Same as SAR-1 but was converted to take standard hi-cap AK mags. Some can still be found in the single stack mag configuration. $250-285

Romak 991: Same as WASR but remains single stack mag only and has thumbhole stock. $250

Maadi: Egyption made AK with U.S trigger parts. Terrible finish, terrible quality control and terrible wood. I would avoid these.

These are just a few but I hope it helps some.
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