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Why certain people should NOT own guns...

I will keep my own political beliefs out of this "minor" rant, but I do feel a good number of people are NOT good candidates for firearm ownership.

Yesterday, my father came home from a month long hospital stay, after having 6 surgeries for oral cancer, and we were getting him situated, speaking to the home health care nurse, etc. My father asked to see my children, so I was getting ready to go get them from their visit at my in-laws.

I had been researching airsoft guns (got offered a sponsorship to play professionally) and had left a couple of potential candidates up on my laptop screen. Naturally, my [stepmother] saw and began her rant about how I need to focus my attention on this or that, etc. I told her "Look, I like to shoot. I like paintball and airsoft. I'm a recovering addict, and I have NO hobbies and I do nothing with my spare time, so I'm going to enjoy what little spare time I have on the weekends and get exercise doing something other than chasing my kids around the house and back yard. It will help keep me busy and out of drugs too." She made a comment about how I don't need to buy a new gun, apparently not noticing "airsoft" in big bold letters and the orange tips on everything. There was a short exchange about how if you don't like guns, don't own one, I don't bring mine around here because it obviously offends you, etc.

OUT OF THE BLUE she goes "I actually own a gun, I keep it loaded for home protection! I don't know where it's at, but I have one..."

I was appalled.

My TODDLERS play in the closets and bedrooms of their house, and you're telling me that you don't have a clue where your LOADED 9mm is!??!??!?! (SMH)

I eventually went looking and found the weapon in between a couple pairs of jeans out of reach, but it still doesn't change the fact that some [people] just can't be trusted with anything more dangerous than string...
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