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My hunch is that it's more personal preference than the superiority of either over the other. In either case, regular and proper maintenance are mandatory to keep them perking along.

With both being popular, it's but a matter of time before various users research what each model needs and the market adjusts to fill it. And IMO, most of this will not come from Remington,but from users and aftermarket vendors. A few ideas from the top of my head would include.....

Carbon fiber bbls with a stepped steel liner that would give the same weight and balance as a 26" bbl(or whatever you desire) but be up to 36" long for the 27 yard handicap trapshooters. And as long as we're adding aftermarket bbls, let's do the forcing cones right,say about 2" long,and HIGHLY polished to reduce buildup.

Gas system parts of high tech materials, like O rings that last much longer.

Steel trigger housings to add weight near the balance point.

Titanium parts for areas far from the balance point.Titanium choke tubes, anyone? And, for those addicted to faster than ever lock times, titanium firing pins,etc.Add a titanium trigger made wider than standard for the Shoe effect.

Bbl weights that duplicate the thread of the mag cap, so one can "Tune" the balance and swing to their own liking, or change it for different games or game. Add a coupla oz under the bbl for doves, remove same for a quail hunt.These were available for small bore 1100s from Remington once upon a time.

Got an idea the 11-87 will develop into an outstanding field and waterfowl shotgun, and the 1100 will continue as a classic target gun.Both are decent, both have special needs....

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