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I started trap shooting in January and I'd never owned a shotgun previously. A fellow at the club let me shoot his 1100 for about my third round ever and I shot a 19. I bought it the next week.

At the time, there was a lot of discussion about what kind of gun to buy, new shooter, etc. I was going to settle on a less expensive pump gun but I am very glad I bought this 1100 because I have shot 7-8 rounds of trap with it in a day without any shoulder fatigue from the recoil. I've also averaged 22-23 with the gun since then.

One comment I remember hearing from the older shooters was that the 1100 was a better gun than the 11-87, but I could never really get a good reason why. The only real definitive difference I heard between the two models is that the gas tube on the 11-87 is stainless, which would seem to be a better design to me, but that's just hearsay.

The only problems I've had with it have been due to my early experiments in handloading. It just doesn't shoot a good pattern when you forget to put powder in the shell! Otherwise, it is the one gun I own that I can honestly say I have got the most use out of.

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