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Bruegger, have you had any trouble with your SAW's breaking? I'm not talking about stoppages, I'm talking about the 'crap-I-don't-know-what the hell-just-happened-take-it-to-the-armorer-immediately' kind of breakage. Ours go to hell all the time when we go live. Blank ammo they're fine with, but people are always turning the SAWS back into me with blank looks on their faces when we go for live shoots. BTW, I'm not an armorer, but rather a radio operator. We just happen to keep our radios in the cage, so the armorer uses us as armorer-lackeys

Blades67, when you say 'properly adjusted BFA' all I could think of was the cigarette butt down the barrel trick. I've always had trouble getting the 240G to fire with blanks, even after changing the gas regulator to all three sizes. I'll stick a cig-butt down the tip of the barrel, then screw on the BFA. An old gunny taught me that one...

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