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11-87s and 1100s

I was reading the thread on the 1100s dropping in price at Wal-Mart, and, with some of the posts, I got the idea that the 11-87 was somewhat personna non grata. Did I miss the barn by 8 yards on this, or is there a real disinterest in the 11-87? I have had an 11-87 in 12 ga. for about seven or eight years I guess, and I thought it was a great gun. It shoots light loads and heavy loads without a hitch. Well, actually it only shoots them for about 500 or so rounds, at which point it gets so dirty I have to take it apart and clean it. I bought the 11-87 because I thought the 1100 was a lot more picky about the ammo it preferred to use. Am I missing something here?

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