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I am shooting a Mk.4, No. 1 Savage. I have fired something like 4 boxes of S&B 180 grains, a box each of Federal and PMC. And perhaps 60 reloads using IMR 4895 (38-42 grains)/Hornady 174 gr. FMJBT. Everything was close enough to the same impact height that I couldn't tell the difference until this last box of S&B. I would tend to think that at 100 yards, a lower impact would signal less velocity and more bullet drop. I understand what you are saying, but I see that analogy applying more to closer ranges before bullet drop becomes a factor. I did chrono one box of S&B and they were all close to 2400 fps, slightly less, like 2375. I actually just bought the ammo mainly for the brass so I am not too concerned about it.
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