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One more for the M240G

John Browning would be proud to use one.

I disagree with Apeach on belt-fed 5.56x45s. At the fireteam and squad level a 5.56 SAW gives much more portable, sustainable firepower than either a full auto magazine-fed rifle or a general purpose MG.

With a 5.56 SAW, you can carry 2x the ammo as with a 7.62 medium MG.

With AP ammo, the 5.56 matches the penetration ability of the 7.62. For fire and maneuver, a SAW can keep up with riflemen where a medium MG team cannot.

I'm not saying it's desirable to replace GPMGs with SAWs; both have their appropriate role: a GPMG like the M240G or the M60 is best in the role of making a base of fire for the maneuvering elements; a SAW is the firepower within the maneuver element.

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