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I know a place

A little further down the road (3/4 mile) there is another flat range that is less crowded. 1000 yards + You can also get right up to it without a 4x4. the land is flat, so there will be less of those 4 wheel junkies cruising through. At about 1200 yards there is a great mountain backstop. I think if we went early and posted signs we would be set. That first place gets crowded. This other spot is a bit more secluded, so there might not be as many people around. I'll come early to try out my vest and help set up as well. Hope to get the wife out there around noon-1:00 (if she'll come this time) let me when you want to scout pyle, I don't get off work until 20:00 but I know right where the spot is. Saturday mornings are even better for me.
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