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the 28th

Here is what I need from all of you guys.

1) Lunch for yourself on Satuday, unless we want to do a pot luck kind of thing for George's brats.

2) Any sun shades that you may have. I may not have the tents from last time so if you have a sun shade of any size or type let me know. It's gonna be hot.

3) Some people to be at the shoot sight early to help set up and do the field test. I have 8 vests to test out and a few camo patterns as well. We will set up, post the signs and conduct a patrol to test the comfort of the vests and try out the camo in our given terrain.

4) how many people will need sitters. I figure we have the Range Widows come out at lunch time and stay for a few hours to get in some range practice. I know Meagen needs some handgun instruction so any females out there that can help would be great. Are you reading this Elizabeth? :-) I will try to line up a sitter (or two) for a few hours to take the youngens on an activity. Maybe the Zoo or something like that so it may cost us a few dollars in addition to the babysitter. A small price to pay for some tranquill range time.

5) Any food assignment or needs WVC may have for us. What do you want me to bring besides my charm and whit? Dont be a hero, this gets expensive so tell us what you need (I charged all of mine to the company ;-).

Anyone interested in the morning patrol please email me with the weapon you want to use or the one you have and we'll figure out which vest will work for you. Some may not be vests, like Larry's, you get the German web gear for your FAL. Please bring everything you would want to carry into the field, it doesn't matter what it is, just bring it/wear it. The point is to push this equipment and find it's weak and strong points for a review.

Lastly, bring a friend or co-worker and lets introduce them to the wonderfull world of shooting. Thats means anyone that has good toys please bring them(class III's, DD's, somebody call Destiny please), we need a good show for everyone.

See you soon!
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