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Porter, keep at her. But don't be obnoxious about it. Someday maybe she will see the light. Overall you have a good marriage and that is the important thing. So what you've got to do is get a job that pays absurdly large sums of money so then it won't matter how many guns you buy.

Meiji, don't take that as a bad sign of marriage. I've bought 4 guns since I've graduated from college, all with Mrs. Correia's blessings. Took my wife shooting on Saturday and she pretty much claimed the Makarov. She is very supportive of my habit, and has helped me to stash firearms around the house in good defensive positions. She also chided me for not bringing any .40 ammo with us so that she could practice with the "kitchen" gun. But then again she is a very practical person. (And she is hot). So I'm all in favor of marriage.
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