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Pistol bullets seem to be lethal because, despite being slow and low energy, they make up for it by being wide and heavy. So they make largish holes.

Rifle bullets seam to be lethal because they are very fast, and actually produce the temporary wound cavity damage that handgun bullets don't have the energy to produce.

This round lives in limbo between them and would do neither. It doesn't have the velocity to do the damage of a rifle bullet or the size to cut large enough holes.

And it is also not small and light enough to do some of the odd things in flesh that round like .223 and 5.7 may do in terms of tumbling.

It just appears to be a too-small pistol bullet or a too-slow rifle bullet. Just the thing to poke clean, tiny holes that do minimal damage for the amount of energy they carry. A poor bargain, I think.
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