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What advantage would a 10mm necked down to .308 have over the 30 carbine?
.308-10mm auto would be more efficient in a shorter barrel. I seriously doubt that you'd be able to get 1800FPS from .30 carbine in a 6'' barrel, when the standard load is 1990FPS in an 18.5'' barrel. 9x25 Dillon, reaches 1800FPS with a 115 grain load in a 6'' bbl.

I just watched 4 videos of someone shooting .30 carbine from an automag with a 6'' bbl, and only one shot broke 1650FPS.

Also I don't see many auto pistols in .30 carbine. Seems easier to get a 10mm platform to convert to .308-10mm than finding a .30 carbine auto pistol.

22 TCM
Why? It's basically the twin of 5.7x28, which doesn't really impress me.
Bullets less than half the weight at the same velocity. Lighter for caliber, bullets of a smaller caliber. What's gained other than reduced recoil and possible magazine capacity increase, over the .308-10mm?
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