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i agree,win AA,s have not worked well for me,but i have friends who love them. i like rem sts and nitro,s. i have four progresive mec,9000,s three manual and one hydr. i can load about a box every five-six minutes, to me the thing to watch is the primer drop and make sure the drop tube is adjusted right, a upside down primer or no primer drop can mess up the loader a little and if you happen to get a wad cocked that you need to remove from the wad guild after trying to insert it after pulling the handle down and raising the handle again you can get a double drop of shot on the next down stroke and that will slow things down with a mess . right now with the price of reloading supplies, shot,powder,wads and primers and that wally world sales federal target loads 3dm-1-1/8-#7.5-#8 for 19.94 per 100 round value packs, i have taken to buying five value 100 round packs when ever i get up to wally world. when the prices for the value packs go back up in price i,ll load up what i need,but for now i,ll save and increase my loading supplies when deals in reloading supplies come along. eastbank.

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