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I started on a MEC 600jr. It's a great press and will help you learn the basics. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of starting out on any progressive press... if you've never reloaded, it's best to build some comfort with the whole process.

With that 600jr I was probably running 100 shells/hour or so.

I bought a 9000GN used... got a great deal on it since it needed a gas strut. Honestly, I don't know that I'd recommend one of these to someone who isn't shooting a TON. The problem with the auto-indexing units is that if something goes wrong, it goes VERY wrong and you have a real mess on your hands in nothing fast. While a progressive is much faster (I don't move that fast with it, but I run 250+/hour with it... experienced people who don't mess up as often as I do can go faster), again, it doesn't take much to make the worst mess you've ever seen with one. #8 shot can roll EVERYWHERE.

So really, my recommendation would be a 600jr. See if you can find a used one at a decent price, but they're not so horribly expensive new. Then, once you're used to it, you can go to a progressive like the Grabber.
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