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ok well since I am not an italian soldier and the year is not 1934, the fact that they once had ok wood, and the government would have supplied all my ammo is pretty irrelevant.

the wood is bad NOW.
the ammo does not exist NOW
the only maker of proper diameter bullets is not making them NOW

that is why, for my purposes, and the purposes of anyone thinking of buying them, they are JUNK NOW!!!!!!

The fact is, the 6.5 Carcano is an excellent, well balanced cartridge. If it were invented today and put into a modern semiauto rifle, the combination would rock.
no... no it is not. and no it would not.
6.5 carcano is nearly a direct twin to the 6.5 jap. I've hunted with jap and it's not in any way shape or form "a great cartridge"

with a 140gr bullet, from a 21 inch barrel, the 6.5 carcano is only able to push about 2200FPS. about the same as what I was able to get a 140gr from a 20 inch jap carbine.

looking at other 6.5mm cartridges which use easier bullets to get ahold of and use less powder than the carcano.
6.5 creedmore gets 2700FPS
6.5 swede gets 2500FPS(but can be pushed 2600 with more powder)
6.5 grendel can push about the same 2200FPS with close to half the powder. all with 20-24 inch barrels.

there are plenty of 6.5s that are much easier to load for, that are much more efficient.
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