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Really, the "non-standard" diameter is a foolish argument. It was standard for Italy, and the Italians really couldn't care less if it makes it attractive to reloaders in 2014.
The fact is, the 6.5 Carcano is an excellent, well balanced cartridge. If it were invented today and put into a modern semiauto rifle, the combination would rock.
Really, what made me buy and shoot a Carcano cavalry carbine, was the book "Testing The War Weapons" by Timothy Mullins.
In it, mullens shoots and evaluates a multitude of firearms and discusses them from the standpoint of the soldier.
The Carcano carbine surprised Mullins with its ease of use...he concludes that the little Carcano would be his first choice in a bolt action fighting carbine.
After shooting the one I owned, I had to agree. Previously, I would have said the Enfield No.5 I owned for a while.
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