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The fact that the Carcanos you have seen and deem all "junk" due to well-used wood, et. al. would tell me that these guns have had a long and very hard service life. Hardly the hallmark of a POS.
um, Mosin nagants, Springfields, Enfields, Arisakas, Mausers... all saw long service lives and VERY hard combat use, none are as bad as the carcano, seems to me like a hallmark of bad wood to me, but that's just me. they were improperly stored, drying out either in a million hunter's closets or in italian storage warehouses, doesn't matter the wood is junk at this point, right now.
Because they already had massive state-run/licensed factories producing umpteen millions of rounds. Why didn't we get with the (eventual) program and adopt 276 Pedersen, or at the very least, full power 30-06 for WWII? Logisitics.
I was talking about when Italy decided to replace the 6.5 with a 30 caliber and went with a bullet that only italy would ever go on to use.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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