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SilencerCo's New Shotgun Silencer

They've been hinting about this for a few days now (so it's not terribly surprising) but SilencerCo just introduced their Salvo 12, which is a modular shotgun silencer. On the outside, it looks like a big Osprey, but I'm very curious to know what the insides look like. It has to be a different baffle design than a normal silencer, but I don't know what that design would be.

As much as I'd love to get one of these, I'll probably hold off for the time being and spend my money on other things. Considering this is the first major-production shotgun silencer, that means shotgun silencer designs are in their infancy. If this proves to be popular and other companies start making their own designs, this SilencerCo model will probably become obsolete even more quickly than normal silencers. And prices will also come down quickly if other companies start making them. What do you guys think, is anyone thinking about getting one of these right away?
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