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Mixed Review on Tyler Manufacturing

I purchased 2 Tyler T grips for my K frame Smiths. I placed my order on 5/23/14, and my check was cashed on 5/27/14. I called to follow up on 6/16/14, and after being told my order would be in the mail within days, waited another few weeks until I recieved my order on 7/8/14. Pics and my progression are found at the link below.

Pro: I really like supporting a small business, and I really appreciate the product. I also liked that, earlier today, JR called to follw up on the rather curt letter, and asked me to get in touch with a range report. Every time I talk to JR, I really get the impression he cares about his customers.

Con: Their communication is absolutely abysmal. Basically, if it doesn't have a stamp on it, don't expect a reply. I called at least a dozen times, and only got a person once. JR doesn't return voice mail messages, e-mails, or answer the phone much. You are never given an order number or any way to identify your order, which is pretty irrelevant since you have no effective way to contact them to get feedback. I can understand why they have such a poor BBB score.

Final Thoughts: The product is good, but the process is borderline horrible.

If you want a T grip, I still think ordering from Tyler is the best way to get it. Ebay has them sometimes, but they tend to be overpriced. I do believe they are worth the wait, but I encourage anyone who is thinking about buying one to be prepared to wait. If someone told me they paid for an item and just never got it, I would not be surprised.
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