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For just checking out the countryside for brief periods, even low-end binocs will work. Lengthy periods at a sitting = eyestrain. But anything is better than checking countryside with your scope: Somebody might take offense. I know I would. Generally, the old standby 7x25 binocs work just fine. Not all that heavy. But a lightweight 8x20 or 8x30 should be of higher quality, just for better vision. I have a pair of lightweight Nikon 8x30s that are quite bright.

I use a long strap, hanging the binocs at my left beltline with the strap over my head. That way, they don't flop around and are out of the way when walking-hunting.

Spotting scopes are great at a range or for those who do very long range searching and shooting. But quality = weight. And they work better with a tripod, which is more weight.

As far as lasers, I bought an early Bushnell 800. Testing against known 1/4-mile corners, it's indeed accurate to 800 and more yards--as a function of reflectivity. Does okay on boulders at 600 and on out. Anything "better" will likely work at least as well.
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