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Binos, monocular, range finder, spotting scope?

You missed two of the four general options.

I hunt big game 3 to 6 times a year, and a lot of other hunting and competition I use optics for spotting and observation as well. Some of it depends on what you are hunting, when, and the terrain. That also narrows down magnification.

I rarely use a spotting scope for anything except close observation and guessing rack size on specific game at far distances, like 1000 yards and out. If I am hunting cow elk or doe deer, I don't even take them with me.

With quality binoculars, you can easily scan and locate animals up to a few miles out and determine their general attitude. But scoring them or determining sex (on some species) will be harder.

Inside 300 yards, I would not bother with a range finder, however, you may want to consider them. Some of the better range finders, especially the binocular version, can do almost all of the chores needed.

I really like a 10X monocular, especially when I am pack, or basecamp hunting. Lighter and compact, there are some that have ranging reticles and some with excellent glass as well.

If I could only have binos or spotting scope, I would go for binos, but I have all of the choices and use them in the set of parameters each is best suited for as much as possible.
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