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BTW... starting prep work on my newest custom... something I've always wanted... a 6" revolver with target sights, chambered in 25 ACP... I have 8" of .251" barrel liner ready, waiting until I can afford the donor gun, which will be a target single action 38 special... thinking we can stuff 8 of the 25 ACP chambers in the cylinder... should make an interesting squirrel gun...

the reason the 25 ACP gold dots interested me, were for small game... I think for self defense out of one of my 25 ACP semi autos, the FMJ would be more lethal, as I expect the penetration would be very minimal with a Gold Dot in the 25 ACP...

BTW#2... I just got 500 of the Speer short barrel Gold Dot 22 mags in though, & expect at over 1000 fps out of snubbie length barrels, that aught to be a good combo
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