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well so much for correcting my spelling

yup... Thunderbolt never enters a gun of mine again...

back in the 80's - 90's, I had a couple hand made dueling trees, set up for 22's, my buddies would come over, & it was not uncommon to go through a couple bricks of 22 each, through our various Ruger semi auto handguns, dueling each other all day, Saturday, & into Sunday...

my how things change... today that could be $120.00 of ammo each... back then I think I was paying $6.00 for 500 rounds of Federal... which was my standard... one Friday, the local shop was out of Federal, & I bought 2 bricks of Thunderbolt... OMG... the accuracy was terrible & 1/2 way through Sunday, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn maybe after 750 rounds...

so I quit early,. & started cleaning my pre slab side Government Target model, only to stick a brush in the bore... I had to take it to my local gun smith buddy, who got it out, along with 2-3 bullets worth of lead accumulation from the 6" barrel

after that, I'd rather not shoot, then put Thunderbolts through any of my guns again
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