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"my canter fire handgun"

It's always at something faster than trot?

Most of my bulk pack ammo has been Federal, and I've always been VERY pleased with Federal ammo.

My little Taurus PT-22 only really likes Winchester Wildcat, or it gives light strikes, especially with CCI Mini Mag.

But that's not a dead primer, that's hard brass, and I have no similar problems with my S&W Model 18.

The only totally dead primers I can remember having with American-made ammo was with Remington Thunderbolt bulkpack.

But, there were myriad other problems with that crap, such as bad leading and apparently VERY loose loading standards...

In a cylinder or magainze, they would sound...








It was obvious that Remington had thrown all pretenses of quality control to the wind on that crap.
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