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Many comparisons between .22 & .25 use "similar" length barrels, but a 2" .25 and a 3" .22 are not really similar. The 3" bbl is 1/3 longer than the 2". The shorter the barrel, the more difference even a little length makes in velocity.
The difference in a 16" barrel and an 18" barrel may not be much, but when you get down to 2 inches, even 1/4 inch makes quite a bit of difference
I know this is an old thread but I'd like to correct a math error that went unchallenged. A 3" barrel is 1/2 (50%) longer than a 2" barrel, not 33% as stated. Confusing as it is - the 2" barrel is 1/3 shorter than the 3" barrel.

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