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Brian Gibbons
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I would like to ask if there has been any consideration given to the possibility of creating another forum, similar to general discussion, but one where folks can post replys without worrying about being politically correct. I enjoy the "goofy" and humourous replies that many TFLers make but it seems that more and more folks are becoming offended at certain replies made to their postings. I am actually disappointed when the moderators caution us to treat the subject matter "seriously" because it stifles the posting of some very funny and entertaining responses. Lets be honest... some of the topics and questions posted on "General Discussion" just scream for a witty comeback. The new forum could be called something like "Pot Shots" or "Gun Nuts". We need a forum for TFLers who like to joke around without offending those who are sensitive to dry humour or sarcasm ...
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