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My club isplacing more restrictions on where and how we shoot since the clay shooters are taking over! They break rules, make their own and try to regulate the entire use of the range! The patterning board keeps dissapearing from the range. this is how we HD people evaluate our guns and loads, and pratice too! The pattern board is all steel and very heavy ( 2 man job to move it) Being handicapped I have a great difficulty with it! We need to come up with a way to use the old skeet range for HD training and use! It's a great Club but politics today sway the money for the improvements from the Clays fund...
How do you build a tactical arguement for your rights to use the range equipment? Ideas?
Pratice for HD needs time to fire at least 2 boxes of either trget or buckshot loads and that takes time. I don't know how many members I can congrigate to get results? Training and patterning takes time, from lay-out of the patterning paper for each shooter plus getting some rapid fire pratice in.
Just a little idiosyrancy in shotgunning.
For the time being, I shoot when I can.
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