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Not a whole lot. I rarely use a shotgun but man am I looking to change that! Still other than HD & a yearly quail / bunny hunt I don't need many. A box of game loads will last more than a year, but I need to practice more.

I've got about 60 rounds of 12ga 00 buck for things that go bump in the night & around double that in various light game loads for the birdies. Personally, I never understood the need for slugs, unless your local hunting laws restrict you to using them. For sending a single projectile, seems like almost any rifle / caliber would work better & reach farther.

Considering, shotgun ammo is still readily available & its price point hasn't gotten as ridiculous as the other ammuntion, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to buy some more.
Looking for oddball ammo. Tracers, AP, whatcha got?

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