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I ussually keep roughly 150 rounds of buckshot 100 slugs and about 750-1000 birdshot..the buckshot is for home defense and large animal protection around the house and I shoot about 10 rounds every trip to the range just to keep in practice with for the birdshot it gets shot all the time so I can blow thru 500 rounds in one day with ease it also pulls double duty with varmint for the slugs well I don't have a use for them high on my list that another rifle can't fill for me but I still like to have them incase the need ever arises

All in all shotgun ammo especially 12 gauge is probably the most common round in the world and there is such a high production rate if you feel the need to have 25,000 rounds of it go for it..12 gauge is so commonly produced it never fell out of stock even in the midst of the shortage
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