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I will make it simple

its a .308 necked down to 7mm and it gives a 140gr bullet about 2850fps

recoil is light even in a very light weight gun it is a easy gun to carry through the wilderness and mountains.

several different grain weights are available,120,140(most common),150,160,175,180

but you only need one the 140 grain 7mm bullet.its light and low recoil for deer but the 140 grain bullet has a good sectional density and can easily penitrate moose,elk,bear whatever.

it can kill deer at 400 yards and antilope even farther and it gives a good 250 yard range on bigger also good for bear in a non dangerous game situation.a place you will see the bear before it see's you.not good for hunting thick brush on coastal alaska where you good suprise a bear 10 feet away.

my gun is a 6.5-55 which very very similar to the 7mm-08 but the 6.5's are more a handloader thing but 7mm-08 ammo is not hard to find.

the factory rem. core-locked is tough enough for big stuff and has decent expantion as have a any game,any season 1 gun 1 load do it all rifle

unless you would shoot to insanely long ranges you dont need a better gun
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