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a .243 can kill any big game in north america so its more the range.

what is the longest shot you would take?

250 yds most .308 based rifles but with a .243 head shot is best

300 yards 270,30-06 7mm mag

400 yds 300 win mag

it never hurts to go with ultra magnum class rifles as well because you get a longer point blank range.

two guns i would strongly urge you to think about: 7mm remington ultra mag and .30-378 weatherby mag.very very powerfull and very very flat shooting

here is the 7mm ultra mag
sighted in with a 350 yard 0 with a 150gr VLD boattail spitzer

only 5" high at 200 and only 4" low at 400 and it can kill an elk at 600 yards

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