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You have to admit no Weatherby rifle owner has had to deal with a discontinuance or shortage of any Weatherby brand & labeled ammunition as of these last few years.
I think, just like many other cartridges and general ammunition availability, that may be highly regional.

In my area, the only Weatherby ammo that has been readily available for the last 2 years, or so, has been .460 Weatherby (at up to $200 per box), .338-378 Weatherby (at $160-180 per box), and .378 Weatherby (at $130-150 per box). And, when I say "readily available" I mean there's less than half a dozen boxes in a 200 mile radius. ...and most of them have been sitting alone on a dusty shelf for 4+ years.

Case in point.... One of my uncles bought a .340 Weatherby in March, after looking for the rifle, components, and ammo for a while. In the end, he was completely unable to locate brass or ammunition locally or even online. So, he had to raid his stash of .300 Weatherby cases, to form enough .340 Weatherby to test the rifle.

CC268 isn't interested in the Weatherbys, at all.
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