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Perhaps something in the Weatherby calibers...
A manufacture that doesn't cancel its cartridge making or limit there making of. At company whim. Frankly I can't say the same for Remington or Winchester.
Weatherby doesn't make their own ammo. All Weatherby brass and loaded ammunition comes from Norma.

And, like all other ammunition manufacturers, it is run in batches. .240 Weatherby and .340 Weatherby, for example, only seem to get run every two to three years. If there's a spike in demand for 'your' ammo between production runs... you're out of luck until the next one.

When you shoot factory Weatherby ammo, you're as much of a slave to Weatherby and Norma's 'whims' as a .30-40 Krag factory ammo shooter is to Remington or Winchester's 'whims'.

Not to mention.... Weatherby ammo often costs 2, 3, or 5 times as much as competing cartridges. Brass, alone, often costs more than loaded ammo for the same cartridge.

Unless the person is well aware of what they're getting into, there's no way I'd even think about recommending they buy a Weatherby - especially if they don't reload.
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