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One of our duty weapons was the Mini-14 which fires 223. I have seen literally 10s of thousands of rounds put through them in six week cycles and only cleaned at the end of a cycle.

I have an SKS that fires the 7.62x39 round and it is a great weapon and when I got it I paid $150 for it. I want a mini 30 very bad. Just wish I had bought one from our Rugar rep when they were less expensive.

I really like all my rifles, but a Mini would be a nice add. I have become very partial to lever guns lately. Not very likely to be banned and though they are not as fast as a semi auto, they are fast enough.

You should really only fire when you have a good sight picture anyway and I can crank another round in it and acquire a new sight picture almost as fast and I can with the semi autos.

Really the only point I wanted to make is I really like the Mini 30 and 14.

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