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Well much of this is quite dramatic and well founded, but there are other possibilities too.

In 1986 I was living in a rented farm house about 64 miles away from a town of only 3000. At about 4:00AM there was loud knocking on my back door. I quickly grabbed a rifle and had my wife get a shotgun and hide behind a large oak trunk. I then called out to the intruder and asked what he wanted. As it turned out he and a friend were in the mountains about 5 miles away from me and rolled the truck. The friend was hurt and he was seeking help. I told him to come in. I didn't let him get closer than the other side of the room and I told him to lock the door behind him. I then called the local sheriff's office and had him ID himself and so on.

As it turned out he was 100% honest and all was as he said.

I then told him to get in my Land Cruiser and I and the deputy went up to his friend in our vehicles and rescued them. I had a heavy duty wench on my TLC and after the hurt boy was transported by the deputy I got the truck back on its wheels and the other young man 2was able to drive it out.

So remember that people ban k on doors loudly to do one of 2 things.
#1 Because they really need help
#2 To locate a victim.

Be safe and cautious, but NEVER get into a mindset that all unknown folks are evil or enemies. People in real need of help should be helped. I believe that’s how God would have us interact with our fellow man.
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