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Be aware of your surroundings I live on a dirt road with seven families on the road 1 way in 1 way out I am next to the last house. My closest neighbor is 268 yards straight down the mountain, next closest is over 1,000 yards. I do not get 04:00 knocks at my doors. I do have cameras to show all around my house from any TV in my house including the front and back doors. I would call 911 just to have legal record of what is going on but waiting till they arrive is not much of an option because of their travel time to get to my house. My next call would be to the neighbor closest to alert them if time allows. Then deal with what has to be as needed. I love the advantages of living where I can have my own shooting range in my front yard, my horses, don't have to hear what my neighbors The disadvantage is no immediate emergency help available and I accept that as part of where I chose to live. Spend more time preparing and if need be more money to lessen the chances it happening again.
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